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League Roster Frozen July 7
After July 7 all rosters for all leagues are frozen. All additions MUST be approved by PHCSA director. Only emergency additions will be added with PHCSA approval.
COED DH Postiion Round
COED DH position round games are August 2. Schedule will be posted on July 27. Flip for home team both games.
Men SP West Positon Round
SP West Position round games are scheduled for July 28 . All games will be flip for home team. Playoffs will start in August.
COED Western Position Round Aug 2
COED position round games are now posted for Aug 2. Games are coin toss for home team. PLayoffs will start Aug 9.

Yesterday's Results
PHCSA Mens Modified
6:15K113Murphys Inn @ Hammers Construction Hurricanes17
6:15PG2Cheap Charlie's @ Power 88.314
7:30K19Rix on the Rocks @ Buccanners10
7:30PG12Angry Bull Riverhawks @ Secory Flyers6
8:45K11Murphys Inn @ Longhorns11
8:45PG15Power 88.3 @ Marysville Goodyear Stallions12
Men Slow Pitch East
6:1516-112Party Express @ Pro Weld4
6:1516-212Sharks @ Minnis Construction9
7:1516-19Jones Equipment @ Swamp Donkeys4
7:1516-213Warriors @ Express Liquor0
8:1516-11Edward James Blasters @ Zebra Bar13
8:1516-218Party Express @ Lynch's 76ers7

Today's Games
PHCSA Mens Modified
6:15PG0Secory Flyers @ Cheap Charlie's0
7:30PG0Hammers Construction Hurricanes @ Marysville Goodyear Stallions0
Men Slow Pitch West
6:1516-10Gentlemens Club @ Expos0
6:1516-20Mueller Impact @ Dino's0
6:15K10MGT Single @ Gates Roofing0
7:15K10Techni-Comp @ Gates Roofing0
7:1516-20For Sports @ Dino's0
7:1516-10Snyder Performance @ Expos0
8:1516-10Gentlemens Club @ Snyder Performance0
8:1516-20For Sports @ Mueller Impact0
8:15K10MGT Single @ Techni-Comp0

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